7/Pcs Deluxe Plastic Egg Cooker with egg yolk separator. Perfect Boiled Eggs Without The Shell

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The Deluxe Plastic Egg Cooker Set makes it possible to finally enjoy hard-boiled eggs without peeling a single shell. Just crack, cook, and twist – Eggies are very fast and easy to use, making them perfect for working people, stay-at-home moms, babysitters, and grandparents. Your eggs will come out perfectly boiled for deviled eggs, egg salads, and Eggs Benedict – and you can even season your eggs before cooking them for perfect recipes every time.

  • Type: Egg Tools
  • Model Number: Egg Cooker
  • Eggbeater Laying Method: Tabletop / Portable
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Egg Tools Type: Egg Poachers
  • Material: safe plastic
  • Function: Egg Cooker

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