Make Homemade Stuffed Meatballs like a Pro chef in 4 easy steps.

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The Stuffed Meatball Maker enables you to make four large, round sealed meatballs, all at once. With this BPA free device, You'll be able to make deliciously stuffed meatballs out of whichever meat you choose, Stuff them with your favorite ingredients such as vegetables, cheese, and even jalapenos. Try making stuffed Potato Balls, Rice Balls or even Scotch Eggs! You will LOVE this.


BPA free.

Non-Toxic ABS material.

Dishwasher friendly.

18cm x 23.7cm x 4.5cm/7.09" x 9.33" x 1.77" (Approx.).

Package Includes 1 x High-quality meatball mold.

How to Use:

  1. Fill both the red and white circle-shaped containers with meat or other bases. For example – rice, potatoes… etc.
  2. Create Pockets for Stuffing - If you're going to stuff your creations, use the red sidebar to press down on the four white containers. This will create a little pocket for your stuffing to be placed within. *Cooks who do not want to stuff their meatballs should proceed to Step 4.
  3. Add Stuffing - Within the pocket you created, add cheese, vegetables, sauce, and/or whatever other ingredients you wish to stuff your meatballs with.
  4. Seal Meatballs - Fold the red containers on the left over the white containers in the center of the device in order to create and seal four large meatballs.
  5. Cook and Enjoy - Once your meatballs are created and sealed, remove them from the Mighty Meatball and cook them alone, or add them to a dish you're whipping up.

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